Alagappa University
Special Officer (Planning & Development)

                   Dr. M.Senthil
                   Special Officer
         (Planning & Development)
                Karaikudi – 630003

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Contact Phone Officer


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(Planning and Development)

            The Special Officer (Planning and Development) section is one of the Specialty Executive Division of the University that takes care of execution of the activities concerning planning and development of academic, project-research, publicity, scholarship, resource and other related programs of the University. 

                The major roles and responsibilities of this section are:

  •  Drawing-up of Proposals for the Planning Board.
  •  Preparation of common proposals of the University to various funding agencies seeking for financial assistances
  •  Vetting, recommending, forwarding the project proposals (both individual schemes and Departmental Schemes ) to various funding agencies.
  • Maintenance of records regarding Research Projects sanctioned to the faculty members and Schemes to the Departments
  • Forwarding of project completion reports to appropriate bodies
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Schemes announced by the Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Schemes announced by UGC
  • Arranging for signing of MoU with National / International Institutions
  • Monitoring the functions of Alagappa University Research Fund (AURF)
  • Arranging for the conduct of interviews for selecting project fellows, project assistants, JRF etc., with appropriate notifications
  • Vetting and forwarding of requests from the faculty members for participation / presentation of papers in the International / National Conferences / Seminars
  • Vetting and forwarding of requests from the faculty members for organizing Conferences / Seminars / workshops at International / National levels
  • Arranging for celebrating International / national days
  • Arranging for activating programs / events of Centres / Cells / Clubs.
  •  Arranging for the distribution of Merit scholarship instituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu / External bodies after due assessment of merit order of the candidates
  • Arranging for Group Insurance for employees and students of the University
  • Arranging for training and motivation programs for non-teaching staff
  • Preparation of Annual Report
  • Preparation of Policy Note for submission to the State Government
  • Uploading of University Data and Monitoring of data uploaded by the affiliated colleges in respect of All India Survey on Higher Education Scheme
  • Furnishing of statistical report to appropriate bodies
  • Arranging for issue of Advertisements for Academic programs,  in the print Media and / or in the University website
  • Arranging for the entry of updated profile of the teaching faculty in the University website
  • Compiling the database of academic, research and extension activities of the University on monthly basis and e-mailing those details to all teaching faculty of the University for sharing of information.